Carol's Home Tour

The sitting area in the dining room.


I use cutting boards everywhere in the kitchen...



 Johnny jump-ups in the spring...


Our pond..and the falls.There are about 20 fish.I love forget-me-knots.


This is my new "old" outhouse/garden shed...

I collect tins and other small things.

I stuck a pine pick in a crock and decorated it like a Christmas tree.


Another sitting area in the dining room.

 I also collect spoons !

I have collected spoons & the like for probably 30 years now.

This is one of my cupboards full of redware and things.


 Baskets hanging from the beams in the kitchen and a norrow shelf holds old tins over the doors.


In the kitchen, I took old yard sticks and covered the wall 36" tall. I also love old agate colanders.


This corner cupboard is all's full of spode,crocks and other blue ware.


I found this old sign at a construction site ,they were using it as a ramp for the I rescued it.I believe it was a farm in lower Nazareth township.


This piece is new, but it sure looks old...

a stack of old benches

This is the spare bedroom or Cassie's room as she likes to call it

I have a very large collection of buttons this is only some of them..

This is some of the ironstone pitchers I have collected over the years...oh yea and some of the calendar plates. Some are as old as 1901.