The Gathering of Friends Vol. 3

CELEBRATIONS reminds us to celebrate the seasons of our lives. Remember the summer fresh-garden herbs and vegetables, the familiar tastes of autumn apples from the orchard just down the road?

Whisperings of winter, remind us of the cozy meals that once comforted and soothed. We need time to feast from tables set with traditions and to gather with those we love.

Simple, yet savory recipes that seem familiar to us from childhood are the heart of classic meals. As we savor these familiar aromas, the feelings from special gatherings from long ago are reborn, as old things become new again.

Some of my treasured recipes given to me by close friends and family are included in this compilation of favorites. Enjoy Roasted Pepper Chicken on Ciabatta or Ginger Glazed Salmon Stir Fry with Wild Berry Pistachio Salad and a Tuxedo Brownie Square.......all to die for!

We hope you will use Celebrations as a guide to enjoy simple afternoon luncheons, sunday afternoon games, birthday parties, anniversaries, or even the birth of a newborn baby.


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