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#2012-W01 Valymn

Her name Valymn means "keeper of the enchanted apples"
She stands 18" tall from the top of her hat to the bottom of her boots..


Don't you just love that smile !
Her jacket is made of wool tweed .And her blouse buttons all the way down the front with vintage tiny white buttons...


In one hand, she carries a basket of enchanted apples,
each one is crafted by me, out of clay, and in the other hand she is offering an apple to anyone who dares...


She wears a key on a long chain around her neck.
Her apron sports a pocket full of sparkly tulle..and has a crocheted lace pouch hanging from her waist...


Her skirt is trimmed with vintage ric-rac and she is wearing black boots.
She is also wearing a slip and long johns.

SOLD to a Private Collector.

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#2012-W02 Nimmie

Nimmie, with her two warts, one on her chin and the other on her nose, is the prettiest witch around these parts....She stands approx. 19" tall to the top of her felt hat....


Her blouse has an old quilt collar with tiny tatted trim and a fine pin at the center...


There is a tiny mouse who lives in her hat.


On her apron she wears her items of enchantment including feathers and a blue crystal; a spider on a string,a key and a pocker full of tiny herbs.


And her big toe has worn a hole right through her hand-stitched leather moccasins. At her feet sits a fine handsculpted pumpkin..... 

                        Sold to a private collector

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#2012-W03 Edith


Edith is approx. 20" tall..She has a fine broom in her one hand....she has a beautiful one tooth smile...and gray hair..
And has a key on a chain around her neck...on her arm she carries a basket and a lantern....


Edith always has a smile on her face....she has a tiny pc. of lace around her neckline..and her blouse buttons down the front..around her shoulders is a black scarf..


She sports a fine and fancy pare of cowgirl boots...and is wearing a slip made from vintage lace and  long johns...


Here is a close up to show the fine detail in sculpting...

                   Sold to private collector

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#2012-W04 Urtha


Urtha (pronounced Eartha) is wearing a fine blouse made of feather print fabric that buttons down the front. Her felt hat has tulle and a variety of feathers..She stands approx. 20" tall from the top of her hat to the bottom of her brown well worn boots...


On her apron she has a key hanging and also a spider and a feather ...over her shoulder she has a bag full of ...oops that's a secret....

Her apron is well worn in with a patch on one side and has a few rough edges.Around her neck is a jack-o-lantern necklace.


She is holding a broom in her hand , and has a       handsculpted pumpkin at her feet.

                            Sold to a private collector

Biddy and Boo
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#2012-W05 Biddy and Boo


Biddy is approx. 20" tall including her hat. She has her broom in one hand and is carring her friend Boo in the other...around her neck she has a blue stone necklace...She has a beautiful one tooth smile...


Her skirt goes almost to the floor... At her feet sits a fine handsculpted pumpkin.


She has a really neat pair of  pointy black boots...and is wearing a slip and long johns

                Sold to a private collector

Santa w/ Lantern
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#01-2011 Santa w/ Lantern

 This santa stands around 17 inches tall.

This handsome guy is a little on the slim side.

He is holding a tiny wooden lantern in one hand and a sprig of pine and berries in the other.  He has a small teddy bear tucked in his arm

His clothing is hand made from a black and red checked woolrich wool with fur trim.
On his back he is carrying a hand made basket filled with pine, berry sprigs, and candy canes.


His fluffy beard and hair are made from angora wool.

Sold to a private collector!

Santa w/ Antique Glass Bead Garland
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#02-2011 Santa w/ Antique Glass Bead Garland

This santa stands around 17 inches tall. 

His snowy white beard is made from angora sheeps wool.


Tucked in one arm is a cuddle teddy bear and a snowman cone pouch of candycanes and pine sprigs hanging from the other arm.


 He is wearing a hand made tan and cream wool herringbone coat w/ faux fur trim.
In his hands he is holding a string of colorful antique glass bead garland.

Sold to a private collector.

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#2011-02 Catherine

She stands around 18 inches tall.  She has bare feet.


Although I did not make her hat , it is a fine hat and suits her just nicely.


She has an old key around her neck and her shaw is a piece of old tatting.


She has a bakers dozen of eggs in her handmade basket to trade at the market.

Sold to a private collection!

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#2011-03 Myrtle

She is around 20 inches tall.

 Her hat I made from a vintage mohair hat I found in my travels.


Her sweater is made from an old mohair sweater with beading and sequins. Her shaw is old crocheted trim.


And she has a small sprig of lavender in her hand.


She has bare feet.

Sold to a private collector!

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#2011-04 Mabel

She stands around 18 inches tall. And she has bare feet.


I found her old hat at an estate sale years ago knowing that some day I would find the perfect use for it, and I think I did


....her shaw is  mohair with pearls sewn in, I think it was a collar. Her purse is made from an old piece of linen.

 Sold to private collector!


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