Old Folks
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#2011-01 Beatrice

She stands around 18 inches tall.


She has bare feet.

Although her book looks like a bible it is actually a mini leather bound book of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.


Sold to a Private Collector!!

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#2011-02 Catherine

She stands around 18 inches tall.  She has bare feet.


Although I did not make her hat , it is a fine hat and suits her just nicely.


She has an old key around her neck and her shaw is a piece of old tatting.


She has a bakers dozen of eggs in her handmade basket to trade at the market.

Sold to a private collection!

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#2011-03 Myrtle

She is around 20 inches tall.

 Her hat I made from a vintage mohair hat I found in my travels.


Her sweater is made from an old mohair sweater with beading and sequins. Her shaw is old crocheted trim.


And she has a small sprig of lavender in her hand.


She has bare feet.

Sold to a private collector!

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#2011-04 Mabel

She stands around 18 inches tall. And she has bare feet.


I found her old hat at an estate sale years ago knowing that some day I would find the perfect use for it, and I think I did


....her shaw is  mohair with pearls sewn in, I think it was a collar. Her purse is made from an old piece of linen.

 Sold to private collector!

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#2011-05 Winifred

She stands around 20 inches tall.

She has teeth in her smile... the only one I made with teeth.


She has a big fancy bow in her hair made from vintage lace..her shaw is really a beautiful piece of lace. Probably was a collar. Her pin is really unique . It looks like a victorian vintage silver brooch.

And she has bare feet.


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#2011-06 Viola

She stands a mere 16 1/2 inches tall and she also has bare feet


...she is holding a handmade gathering basket filled with lavender  sprigs.


Her dress is just beautiful ! It's made from a vintage slip.


 Her hat is made from the same lace tied at her neck.

"Old Folks" Morty
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"Old Folks" Morty

Morty is an example of Carol's "Old Folks". He is also sold. He is one-of-a-kind hand sculpted,completely handmade by Carol. Prices starting at $129.00. If you are interested simply e-mail me at mthouse@ptd.net and I will contact you when similar items are available for purchase. Aprox. 17" tall.

Sold to private collector.